8. Acknowledgements

  • Lab Technicians
Firstly we would like to thank the lab technicians who help us on the way by supplying the necessary resources for our project. Without those resources and materials, we could have never built the whole set-up.
  • Mr Tan Hoe Teck
We would like to thank Mr Tan Hoe Teck for supporting us all the way. He has helped provide important feedback and advice which helped us regarding understanding how the set-up works even further. He had given some advice which improved our initial idea and has assisted us in getting of parts for our experiment.
  • Mr Ng Guo Hui 
We also would like to thank Mr Ng Guo Hui for helping us too. As our ISS teacher, Mr Ng provided some suggestions which helped improve our set-up.  He taught us what it takes to be a scientist and the amount of duties we have to do before even setting the experiment. Some examples of the things he taught us are: Forming a hypothesis, literature review, etc.
  • Liou Eric & Rong Yuan Lin
Lastly, we wish to thank our 2 partners from Taiwan, Liou Eric and Rong Yuan Lin. They helped provide constructive feedback to us regarding on the material to use for the cathode and anode. They used their experiences from their Science projects to advice us, so that our project can be more convenient. 


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